Research of the different short films

With in the short film genre there are different types of short film.

Below are styles of short films.

  • Animated
  • Documentary
  • film noir
  • Historical




Genres for short films. 

  • Gangsters – Conventions: Lighting dark, Red is often used, low lighting. Set in urban locations, rundown areas. Formal outfits i.e suits. Props eg – guns, cigarettes, drugs.
  • spy – Conventions: Female character usually sexy, tempting the male character. Villain symbolic role as evil.
  • Comedy – Conventions: Bright places, Props are used such as objects that can hurt an character. Types of comedy include slapstick, dark/black, witty.
  •  Romantic – Conventions: A typical boy meet girl situation, Ending two characters happy and together. Pros I.e flowers at weeding, hearts.
  • western – Conventions: historical basic, iconography. Set between 1860- 1910.
  • Action and adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Sci Fi
  • Horror
  •  Thrillers

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