Research of the different types short films

Above are examples of different styles and genres of short films.


Genres for short films. 

  • Gangsters – Conventions: Lighting dark, Red is often used, low lighting. Set in urban locations, rundown areas. Formal outfits i.e suits. Props eg – guns, cigarettes, drugs.
  • spy – Conventions: Female character usually sexy, tempting the male character. Villain symbolic role as evil.
  • Comedy – Conventions: Bright places, Props are used such as objects that can hurt an character. Types of comedy include slapstick, dark/black, witty.
  •  Romantic – Conventions: A typical boy meet girl situation, Ending two characters happy and together. Pros I.e flowers at weeding, hearts.
  • western – Conventions: historical basic, iconography. Set between 1860- 1910.
  • Action and adventure – conventions: Main protagonist is a normal guy but has a special talent or power what makes him/her extraordinary. Hero is always helped by a group of people. Lighting is high key at the start of the film then by the middle to end is goes low key and then at the very end when peace is restored the lighting goes back to high key.
  • Fantasy – conventions: Magical and fictional story’s. set in the past. Hero appears to be normal and is set a huge task that only they can achieve. Often a big battle at the end of the film. Lots of different locations to make the world look believable and detailed.
  • Sci Fi – Conventions: Set in the future, outer space. Robots, spaceships, technology. Conflict between good and evil.
  • Horror – Conventions: Isolated locations, small group of people. Lighting always dark. Lots of high and low angles used to connote fear. POV shots can be used or somethings they are used though the whole film about if it is an hand held horror film. Disturbing sounds to add fear for audience. Jump cuts used wen there is a jump scare. Props used such as knifes,axes weapons etc.
  •  Thrillers – conventions: Busy street environment. Violence is central to thriller films. Low key lighting, quick cuts, shadows, tension music, Protagonist in mercy of antagonist.
  • Animated – Conventions: Starts of jolly and high lighting, gets darker towards the end then peace restored at very end. Meaningful message behind it. Relatable characters and problems the face.
  • Documentary – Conventions: Voiceover, real footage of event, technicality of realism, interviews with experts, use o text and titles,
  • film noir – Conventions: Corrupt cops, femme females, misogynistic men. Low key lighting, low angles shot. Dark sidewalks, cigarettes, guns, alcohol, flashing lights. Urban setting, bars, nightclubs. Usually first person narrative.
  • Historical/ period dramas – conventions: Realises heavily on mise en scene to establish time period. costumes, props, setting. Narrative revolves around a certain person or family.

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