More film poster reviews


This is the film poster for “Pulp Fiction”. The style of the poster looks old and worn as there are rips and creases on the edges on the poster. This gives it a vintage feel to poster.  The first thing the audience is drawn to when looking at the poster is the title. This is because it is in bold capital letters and also the yellow on red contrast each other making it stand out. The women on the front of the poster is of a seductive women holding a cigarette and has a gun by here. The cigarette shows her to have an additive personality. The gun suggests her to be a villain and connotes why she is dressed in black symbolizing death. The facial expression of the female is very serious. Her red lip stick and eyebrows show she wants to express. Her body language suggests she is waiting for a men’s attention. The titled lampshade and the blind down are all there for a reason. The lampshade lights up her face in the dark room, the blinds down suggests privacy either for sexual reasons or violent reasons.


john wick

This is the film poster for the film “John Wick”. My main character’s name is the name of the film. By having the gun cover the letter “I” suggests a lot of his personality or job as letter “I” is used when talking about yourself so this implies the gun what symbolizes violence is personal to him. The poster connotes the thriller theme with the colour used and being general towards the main protagonist. A tag lien has been used saying “don’t set him off”. It is very blunt and straight to the point but has an impact on the audience that the main protagonist that he is very powerful and when you get on the wrong side of him he is very dangerous. The word “don’t” has a very powerful impact on the audience as you are telling someone not to do somethings as they could be consequences. The title of the film is all in capital letters making it dramatic and stand out. The letters are distorted suggesting not everything goes smoothly to plan in the film.




This is the film poster for the film “Psycho”. The colours used for the characters could suggests their role for instances the women is edited in yellow which could suggests that she plays an optimistic and pleasurable role which could be linked with the men edited in red which could suggest passion, love and a sense of evil. The title of the film “psycho” called imply that the main antagonist is psychopathic. Names of the actors and the director to increase popularity. The poster depicts the horror genre from the colours used and also the slashes used in the tittle which symbolise one of the most iconic scenes in the film.


Lord_of_the_Rings_-_The_Two_TowersThis is the film poster for “The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers” this the second film in the trilogy. The poster is crowded with the main characters and also has Two Towers which are the strong hold of the evil in the film. There is mist and fog surrounding the main protagonist suggesting that this film will be darker than the last and challenge the characters in a more severe way. The fact the characters are sandwiched in between the two towers implies their weakness, furthermore their facial expression are of fear and doubt. The main title of the trilogy “The Lord Of The Rings” is in big front and the audience notice it completely, then under it is the title of the individual film “The Two Towers” which is smaller font. This connotes that the director sees these three films as one long one rather than individual films. The tag line is “The Journey Continues”, this suggests the film will follow these characters and the audience is intrigued where the film takes them but also for people who haven’t seen the first film creates a sense of mystery and makes them want to see the it to understand the second film.



This is the film poster for “Star Wars The Force Awakens”. This is a very dramatic poster which followed after the wait for the next Star Wars film. This poster shows the main character with the main protagonist but also the villain. It also shows the battle element of the film showing the narrative of the film. Elements of the original trilogy Is being re created in this poster as it is done in a cartoon fashion like the original trilogy was done in. The title of the main franchise is in bold capital letters and in the iconic star wars font but the title for the individual film is in smaller font. This connotes that these films aren’t seen as individual films but that they are all one long story but each with different individual titles.







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