film review analysis 2.



The first thing the reader notices with this review is the title of the review which is above the title of the film they are reviewing. They have made this the biggest writing on the page so that the reader knows this is the film review for obvious reasons.

Underneath this is the title of the film which is “Pirates of the Caribbean At worlds end”. This is also in a big font and stands out clear to the reader as it is a important factor that they know what film is being reviewed.

Underneath is a star rating of the film, this is placed above the review itself as maybe reader might want a quick summary and to save them time of the whole review in detail. Next to the star rating there is a comment saying there is to much dialogue for an action film giving readers a head ups before watching this film. However the films USP is that it has been claimed “Movie of the Month”, so although they have said negative aspects about the film they have still gave it the reward of the film of the month.

In the middle of the review there is a diagram illustrating where the film peaks and where it drops in quality. This is interesting to readers s they know what parts the film they can get there hopes you for but also the part they will know will be lower in pace.

The whole of the second page is covered up by an image from the film. This is done so that all the details of the image are clear to the reader thus giving them a very clear impression of what the film will look like and will help to aid their judgment to weather to see the film or not.

In the bottom right of the page there are recommendations of what films the reader might like if they enjoy watching the film they have reviewed. This gives it a unique touch and thinks about the readers needs.


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