Research Post: Music

As my short film will have little dialogue or none at all music will play a key role in the film to present the emotions of the character and to add emphases on the shots selected.



This is a piece of royalty free music I found. It’s quite slow but I feel it will work with the theme of my short film. I feel it fits the convention for a score in the psychological drama genre and will leave the audience thinking which is the main aim for a psychological drama. This is probably the score i will use for my film at this moment of time.

music 2

This is another piece of music I could potentially use. Again its slow like the other piece but its more ominous and sounds more dark which could work with the psychological part of the film.

music 3

This is another piece of music I have found. It follows more of the conventions found in a Sci fi film but this could work with the technology part of my film with social media taking over the protagonist life.

music 4

This is another score i found. Its like the last one following a more sci fi/ technology convention.


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