Short film

The brief requires

  • Has to be 5 minutes – no longer, no shorter!
  • Have to make a film poster for the product
  • Have to make a website
  • Have to make a poster for the film
  • Have to make a film magazine review page featuring the film.

From A1 there are skills i have learnt from the tasks I could adopt into this task such as my camera skills, team working with actors and being good with my time meeting deadlines. The short film may be live action or animation or a combination of both. It can be any genre which gives me range to experiment.

Shorts films that stand out to me:

Music video

The brief requires

  • No longer than 5 minutes
  • A cover for its release  as part of a digipack
  • A magazine advertisement for the album release.

From A1 there are skills I could adopt into this brief such as using creative shot types and camera angles to match a specific part of the song. I listen to a lot of different music genres so finding a specific genre could be a struggle, also finding a band or artist who Is willing to be in the music video could be time consuming.

Below are music videos I think are good, I have included different genres of music I listen to



The brief requires

  • A TV programme sponsorship sequence
  • A radio advertisement
  • A web pop up.

I feel this brief would be the most challenge for me as it so different to what I’m used with just finishing A1 but could allow me to be creative in different ways than doing a music video or short film.

These are adverts that have stood out to me

Film Trailer

The brief requires

  • ›A film magazine front cover, featuring the film
  • ›A poster for the film
  • ›A website homepage for the film

This brief is quite similar to a short film, however with a film trailer I would have to shot a lot more locations which could mean time consuming with location shooting.

Below are film trailers that are feel are very good


Research of the different short films

With in the short film genre there are different types of short film.

Below are styles of short films.

  • Animated
  • Documentary
  • film noir
  • Historical




Genres for short films. 

  • Gangsters – Conventions: Lighting dark, Red is often used, low lighting. Set in urban locations, rundown areas. Formal outfits i.e suits. Props eg – guns, cigarettes, drugs.
  • spy – Conventions: Female character usually sexy, tempting the male character. Villain symbolic role as evil.
  • Comedy – Conventions: Bright places, Props are used such as objects that can hurt an character. Types of comedy include slapstick, dark/black, witty.
  •  Romantic – Conventions: A typical boy meet girl situation, Ending two characters happy and together. Pros I.e flowers at weeding, hearts.
  • western – Conventions: historical basic, iconography. Set between 1860- 1910.
  • Action and adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Sci Fi
  • Horror
  •  Thrillers

Film Noir

What is film noir: a style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. The term was originally applied (by a group of French critics) to American thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54.

Brief history: French critics assigned the term film noir in 1946, citing a trending confluence of American film elements – anti-heroic characters, biting dialog shot from the hip, bold visual design and hand held shots. The exact parameters of film noir are still up for debate – some argue that true noir films were made during a specific period, the post-World War II 1940s to around 1958, while others argue film noir is more of a style or mood than a genre.

Film noir emerged during World War II when German émigrés like Fritz Lang brought the experimental sensibility of German Expressionist cinema to Tinseltown. Directors utilized high key cinematography that dominantly featured bright direct light and cascading shadow, off-kilter camera angles, and asymmetrical compositions to emphasize spooky or sordid story lines meant to thrill and intrigue. It was only a matter of time before noir filmmakers directed their lens toward this befitting merger – crime fiction and psychological thriller story lines were well coupled with the moody aesthetic elements gaining popularity in cinema.

Classic examples of film noir:

These are classic film noir films and although they are different in there own right, they all follow the same conventions and characteristic.  These are characteristic are below.

  • Black and white imagery – Most of these films are filmed in black and white not only because the time period of the 40s – 50s but also to show the shadows in the film. It also suggests there in no happiness because there is no colour.
  • The settings – The setting in film noir films are usually urban locations such as apartment blocks or back alleys.
  • Lighting – The lighting creates the mood of the scene. Its usually uncertainty or anger. There is little lighting on screen but it always faces the main character.
  • Femme fatales: These females love to create danger for the main character who ends up falling for her. The have certain traits such as beaut, unreliable, seductive.

Below is a video where it lists the top 10 best film noir films.

Well know directors for film noir:

  • Billy Wilder – best known for: Sunset Boulevard 
  • Fritz Lang – best known for: Scarlet street
  • Robert siodmak – best known for: The killers 


Is it a genre: 

Controversy exists as to whether film noir can be classified as a genre or sub genre, or if its just a filming style which was popular in the 40s – 50s. It could be argued that it is an genre because most film noir films are in the genre of crime thriller / detective. However does this make film noir films in the  crime thriller genre but just filmed in an very glossy, cinematic way? Furthermore film noir do follow convention such as femme fatales and lighting which brings up the question if it has its own set conventions does that make it a genre? In my opinion i think film noir is a sub genre, i don’t think it is a full genre its self as most film noir films follow a crime thriller narrative however it they do have their own conventions  and characteristics making me come to the decision that it is a sub genre coming of the crime genre.  89fb7b29db06f80e0dd9295672525c3cteaser_gr_25_film_noirff72d401b024e922608adf7a0ad9fba0

Modern film noir: 

Examples of modern film noir films include

  • Memento
  • Sin City
  • The usual suspects
  • Fargo

My own film noir: 

We had to create our own film noir, below is what we came up with.

Short film initial ideas

The main theme of the short film above is Identity and and the one below it is how social media controls people’s life’s. I feel both these short films are brilliant. They both have deep and meaningful messages behind them. I feel that merging the two of them together would make for a well created theme for a short film. I would merged the two of them together such as your identify being judged to what your online presences is. I feel this themed short film would cross over with an audience around my age as we are so engaged with social media and spend a large time period trying to developed their online presence into this perfect version of them. I feel i could use this theme and make it quite dark and twisted.

These two short film above are both themed post apocalyptic.  The one on the bottom is very well short but is over the time limited, the one above it is more the time limit are am aiming for. I feel with making a short film with this theme would allow me to be very creative but would require a few location and for them to look abandoned which might be time consuming but if i am able to create an desolate setting i feel it will put me in the high grade barrier.

This is an example from a previous student from this school. The cinematography is brilliant and for a student who didn’t have any budget what he achieved was at a very high level and the type of work i want to produce. The short film is very mysterious and keeps the audience engaged throughout the whole screening.

Evaluation of title sequence in A1


The blurry effect at the beginning of the title sequence looks effective as it shows the victim waking up and appearing to be disoriented, it also establish the location to the audience. The tracking shot presents the Goosebumps on the victim to show her body’s physical reaction of her fear. The establishing shot presents to the audience that the victim is tied up and shows this a sinister event. Close ups shots on the victim face are used to present her cuts and buries to donnote to the audience that she has been physically attacked.  The over the shoulder shot presents the villain but the fact that his face isn’t shown suggests that they know what they are doing is wrong and they don’t want to be seen doing it meaning they know right from wrong making their actions even more sinister. The high angle used on the Victim as she is about to get hit by the hammer connote her state of weakness and vulnerability just before her death which is out of her control.


The eerie, mysterious music sets the scene that something is not right. The non diegetic sound of the birds adds another level of realism of the woodland environment. The intense heavy breathing reinforces the victims fear and unease of the situation she finds herself. The increase in pace of non diegetic score matches the screen extract as the title sequence builds in tension. The non diegetic sound of twigs being broken adds tension and makes the audience feel even more panicked for the victim. When the villain is presented a change in the score is heard, this is used to make it more dramatic. A sound bring is used with The ringing sound at the end is used to carry onto the end scene which is a week earlier.



There are mainly straight cuts to change between the individual clips to give it a flow what follows the narrative. As the victim close her eyes it cuts into the title of the film, this is well done because it looks like one long shot because it has the same background colour but its actual a cut. As the villain walks past it cross dissolves to the victim then changes it up from straight cuts. The victim gets most of the screen time in the title sequence which juxtaposes her position as she ends up dead at the end of the title sequence.


Mise en scene.

The setting of the tittle sequence is in a woodland location, this is typical of the thriller horror genre. The weapons the villain uses are house hold tools, this makes him much more sinister as these are objects everyday people can get there hands on. It is a stereotypical view that the girl is he victim and the male is the villain in the thriller horror genre.



Chosen brief

The brief I am going to go with is to do a short film.

I have decided to go with  a short film as I feel it will allow me to me to be the most creative out of all the briefs. Furthermore I feel it gives me the most range to equipment and try different techniques out and try new ideas out.

Also I feel I have the most experienced in this brief from AS from doing the preliminary task and continuity task. I can adopt skills from these task such as my camera work, location shooting and the ability to work with actors. However there will be some areas that I will find challenging in this brief  such as the editing.

I feel that all the briefs are going to be a challenge in there own way but I feel putting the short film brief it is a smart decision as its not to far away of what I did in AS and is the brief I am most interested in.

Furthermore another reason i have chosen to do a short film is because i am quite interested in doing film production at uni and for a placement in the film production uni they ask for a piece of media from you and i feel by making a creative, different short film it will give them a good impressive to put me on the course.

I am also interested in the other side of the course such as the film review and film poster. I enjoyed writing the film reviews and the title sequences in AS so by writing one for my short film shouldn’t be to much of a challenge. However i am not very experienced with using photoshop so making a film poster might be more of a challenge but it is a good skill to learn.