Capture 3


Things to do before final drafts

Short Film: 

Need to make it 5 minutes long so need to film some extra footage.

Film poster:

Needs to be A4 so this could mean selecting a new image as the one which is used currently is landscape and not A4.

Magazine review:

Needs to be double sided to need to re think the lay out.

Ancillary text – magazine review focus group

I asked a group of people to give me feed back my magazine review.

Person 1. 


  • Liked the colour tone as it corresponds with image.
  • Liked the images used.
  • Liked the overall article


  • Correct spelling mistakes in the article.
  • Was confused why the film poster was at the top of the review.
  • Add a over all verdict in a star based system.


Person 2. 


  • Liked the article as it gave an insight in the film and found out a deeper understanding of the symbolism of some shots.
  • Liked the colours used
  • Liked the lay out however needs to be double sided.


  • Article needs to less descriptive and more opinion based.
  • Headline needs to be more eye catching
  • Make the lay out double sided to have a more professional feel.

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