Short film

The brief requires

  • Has to be 5 minutes – no longer, no shorter!
  • Have to make a film poster for the product
  • Have to make a website
  • Have to make a poster for the film
  • Have to make a film magazine review page featuring the film.

From A1 there are skills i have learnt from the tasks I could adopt into this task such as my camera skills, team working with actors and being good with my time meeting deadlines. The short film may be live action or animation or a combination of both. It can be any genre which gives me range to experiment.

Shorts films that stand out to me:

Music video

The brief requires

  • No longer than 5 minutes
  • A cover for its release  as part of a digipack
  • A magazine advertisement for the album release.

From A1 there are skills I could adopt into this brief such as using creative shot types and camera angles to match a specific part of the song. I listen to a lot of different music genres so finding a specific genre could be a struggle, also finding a band or artist who Is willing to be in the music video could be time consuming.

Below are music videos I think are good, I have included different genres of music I listen to

Music videos have different styles. The oasis music video is scenes from a gig and then some stylized shots in black and white with the band after the gig. The Eminem video is a following narrative which follows the lyrics of the song. The Bonobo music video has no set narrative and is just a montage of different stylized shots which match the pace and tempo of the beat but is very effective and different from most music videos which are in his DJ genre.


The brief requires

  • A TV programme sponsorship sequence
  • A radio advertisement
  • A web pop up.

I feel this brief would be the most challenge for me as it so different to what I’m used with just finishing A1 but could allow me to be creative in different ways than doing a music video or short film.

These are adverts that have stood out to me

Film Trailer

The brief requires

  • ›A film magazine front cover, featuring the film
  • ›A poster for the film
  • ›A website homepage for the film

This brief is quite similar to a short film, however with a film trailer I would have to shot a lot more locations which could mean time consuming with location shooting.

Below are film trailers that are feel are very good


Featured post

Independent post: Edgar Wright’s style of editing and close ups.

Edgar Wright is a famous British director best know for films such as Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead and Paul.

There’s a common aspect in Wright’s films that he uses which is his style of editing and the way he uses close ups. Wright’s films tend to move at a brisk pace, and his method of using quick action montages helps to do this. This technique often features characters doing mundane but important tasks in order to prepare for the next scene. Not only does this technique advance the story, but it is also used for comedic purposes. The actual clips that are used are very short, almost too short to really understand what is happening without enough context. The montages also make use of sound and music. The sounds usually help to explain what is happening but are also a little bit comical and absurd.

With my short film i am going to try and incorporate these aspects into my film. For the first few shots these will be short snappy cuts of close ups to set the scene and move the story forward. I’m not going to this editing style in every new location in my film but where i can i will try and if it fits with the narrative.

Research Post: Music

As my short film will have little dialogue or none at all music will play a key role in the film to present the emotions of the character and to add emphases on the shots selected.



This is a piece of royalty free music I found. It’s quite slow but I feel it will work with the theme of my short film. I feel it fits the convention for a score in the psychological drama genre and will leave the audience thinking which is the main aim for a psychological drama.

music 2

This is another piece of music I could potentially use. Again its slow like the other piece but its more ominous and sounds more dark which could work with the psychological part of the film.

music 3

This is another piece of music I have found. It follows more of the conventions found in a Sci fi film but this could work with the technology part of my film with social media taking over the protagonist life.

music 4

This is another score i found. Its like the last one following a more sci fi/ technology convention.

Target audience research analysis


suvery 1The first question was asking “how old are you”. The majority of the answers were in the bracket of 16 to 20 years old. This establishes my target audience and a short film about social media should be able to link with this demographic.

suvery 2

The next question on the survey was “what gender are you”. The most popular answer with 56% was male. I am going to use a male actor so hopefully the majority of my audience can link with the character and have a better understanding of the struggles he faces.


suvery 3

The third question on the survey was “What aspects about a psychological thriller is most effective”. The most popular answer was sound then followed by both editing and mise en scene. As my short film has no dialogue it makes it very important to have an impactful score with sound effects to meet my audiences needs as they feel sound is the most important factor when it comes to making a psychological thriller/ drama.

suvery 4

The fourth question on the survey was “Would a short film about social media addiction done in a dark style be effective to you”. 71% answered that they liked the idea of the short film which is an encouraging site as they are excited to see how the film turns out.

suvry 5

The next question on the survey was “Would you say you have an unhealthy attachment to social media”. The most popular answer was that people said they only went on social media when they were bored, however maybe my short film might change their mind about how much they use it.

suvery 6

The sixth question on the survey was “Based on the idea I have for the short film premise what would be the most effective narrative for a short film”. The majority answered linear which i was set on doing my short film in the style of.


suvery 7The seventh question was “Would a short film about social media done in the same dark style as a black mirror episode sound appealing to you”. Black mirror was one of my influences and its good to see my audience like the idea of my short film playing on aspects of black mirror.

suvery 8

The last question on my survey was an open question which was ” When you first think of a psychological thriller what aspect do you think of”. Above are some of the answers i received. The answer what mainly kept coming up was the way the film changes the way you think so this is the part i need to focus on with how my short film will change my audience’s mind set. 





Planning documents: Storyboard

storyboard 1storyboard 2storyboard 3storyboard 4storyboard 5storyboard 6


From shots 1 to 6 they are all taking place in the same location which is the living room. Shots 1 to 3 they are shot snappy cuts involving close-ups. The basic premise of these shots are the main protagonist is getting depressed looking at his social media feed and at the great lives he’s seeing appear in front of him.

From 7 to 11 it cuts to different location. The premise of these shots are that it starts with a close up of his feet running on the spot, then the next shot is him splashing water over his face then it cuts to a POV from his phone taking a picture of himself. Then cuts to a wide medium shot of him uploading it to social media with a text box graphic appearing on-screen captioning the image “5K run to start the day!” Then cuts to a long shot of him getting in his car.

From shots 12 to 21 its a locations change. The premise of these shots are that it starts with a close up of him opening the fridge and taking out some vegetables. Cuts to him taking a picture of them then text box graphic comes up on-screen and captions the image ” Keeping up with the healthy lifestyle.” Cuts to him putting phone down and shots from the start of the scene repeat themselves but instead of getting out vegetables he gets out a ready meal. Cuts to medium shot of him waiting to for ready meal to be ready. Cuts to the phone being in focus and him being out and the likes increasing in focus.

From shots 22 to 23 its a location change. It starts with a high angle of him taking a picture of himself dressed up then the text box graphic comes up and he captions the image ” Hitting the town tonight”. Cuts to a low angle of him watching TV alone.

From shots 24 – 33 it’s a change of location. It starts with an establishing shot of main protagonist with friends in a restaurant however they are all on their phones. Cuts to over the shoulder shot of main protagonist then the camera moves around the table over the other Peoples shoulder – whilst this is happening the typing sound is getting more intense. A medium shot is used to present the waitress coming over to the table, it then cuts to a high angle of the main protagonist asking her to take a picture of them all at the table having a good time. Another medium shot Is used to show the waitress handing the phone back other to him, cuts to a wide shot of him uploading the image to social media with the text box graphic coming up on-screen captioning the image “Great food with great company”. Cuts to a Pov shot of him looking up away from his phone and seeing his friends are all back on their phones. Cuts to a wide shot of him going back on his phone.

From 34 – 43 is all takes place in the same location. This scene starts with  a medium shot of the main protagonist restless on the sofa switching between his phone and laptop on social media, this will be a speed up sequence to show this. It then cuts to an extreme close up on his eye and the reflection of his social media feed in his eye as this fake reality is looking straight back at him. Shot reverse shot will be used to present the number of likes going up but then cuts to him looking depressed. Cuts to medium shot of him getting up and walking to his door. Cuts to an extreme close up of him holding down the power button on his phone, cuts to the screen of the phone and his finger swiping to turn it of. Then ask he does this he looks straight into the camera breaking the 4th wall in an attempt of coming back to reality and as he does this it cuts straight to black and the music stops.


Planning documents: Script

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.25.50Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.26.15


This is my script. It isn’t done in the way a personal script should look but this is my first draft and this is one of my improvement.

Another improvement includes to add what the sound is in the shot if its digetic or non digetic. This is important for me as my film will have very little dioulige or none at all.

However the strengths of my script is that i have a clear understanding of what i want to see in my scenes.

Independent post: Black Mirror influence

Black Mirror is a Netflix TV series which takes current world wide issues but puts a dark twist on the subject, mainly the subject is technology based.

As my short film is social media themed and most of the black mirror episodes are technology based this is why it is a good influence.

Part of what makes “Black Mirror” so unsettling is that its episodes take place in worlds that could easily pass for our own, save for some leaps in technology.

The first episode of the third season relies on a system of social ratings similar to how people can issue ratings for on-demand services like Uber or Postmates. Each person has a permanent contact lens that lets them see a rating beside people’s heads and see how ratings influence the score in real-time. Its taking social media to the extreme but its a good influence for my short film and would be interesting if I could take any aspects of it.


Independent post: Research into psychological thrillers/drama

My short film was hard to fit into one specific genre but if feel that it is closest to being a psychological thriller / drama. I have decided to look into the conventions of what makes a good psychological thriller/ drama.

Psychological thrillers/ dramas are a specific sub genre of the board range of thriller and horror genres. However it does incorporate elements from the mystery and drama genre.


  • Reality – Characters often try to determine what is real and what isn’t within the narrative.
  • Perception – Often characters misperceive the world around them, or it is effected by outside factors.
  • Mind – The mind is often used as a location for narrative conflict, where the character battles their own mind to reach a new level of understanding.
  • Identify – Characters are often confused about who they are or doubt who they are and try to discover the truth
  • Death – Character either fear death or have a fascination with it.


Below are a few of my favoutire psychological thrillers.



Target audience research: Focus group



I am going to get five people to watch these short films. I want to know there expression on these films as these are the short film that have inspired me the most. I want to know what they like about the films but also what they don’t like making it easier for me to know what to take from these films.


Person 1: 

Liked the graphics used of the text boxes showing the social media platforms up on screen. Advised if I am going to a short film about short film about social media I need to include this so that it makes more sense to the audience.


Person 2:

Liked that the fact that people can related to it. Also the lighting reflects the atmosphere illustrates the negatives impact of technology. Also they liked that the films didn’t do the typical concept of “cyberbullying” or “the perception of being perfect”.


Person 3: 

Liked the graphics of the social media posts on screen. However wanted the text to be clearer and longer on screen. Liked the close ups on the girls eyes of her scrolling on her feed and it reflecting on her eyes in the first film, also like the fast pasted montage of her constantly on social media and the music that went with that scene.

Practically liked the music in the second film. Liked the contrast with the character’s really life and social media life. Found the lighting good.

Person 4: 

Liked the impact of close ups of likes etc. Liked the contrast with really life and social media life eg – taking a pictures of the peppers then eating a Chinese  take away. Liked her social media posts reflecting back at her in the first film. Like the impact of having no music a the end of the second film.

Person 5: 

Really liked the editing and social media feed that popped up. Both stories  were simplistic and easy to follow. Liked the short snappy shots of the second film. The little dialogue works well and is effective. Good focus on the main character on both films and easy to follow.


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