Short film

The brief requires

  • Has to be 5 minutes – no longer, no shorter!
  • Have to make a film poster for the product
  • Have to make a website
  • Have to make a poster for the film
  • Have to make a film magazine review page featuring the film.

From A1 there are skills i have learnt from the tasks I could adopt into this task such as my camera skills, team working with actors and being good with my time meeting deadlines. The short film may be live action or animation or a combination of both. It can be any genre which gives me range to experiment.

Shorts films that stand out to me:

Music video

The brief requires

  • No longer than 5 minutes
  • A cover for its release  as part of a digipack
  • A magazine advertisement for the album release.

From A1 there are skills I could adopt into this brief such as using creative shot types and camera angles to match a specific part of the song. I listen to a lot of different music genres so finding a specific genre could be a struggle, also finding a band or artist who Is willing to be in the music video could be time consuming.

Below are music videos I think are good, I have included different genres of music I listen to

Music videos have different styles. The oasis music video is scenes from a gig and then some stylized shots in black and white with the band after the gig. The Eminem video is a following narrative which follows the lyrics of the song. The Bonobo music video has no set narrative and is just a montage of different stylized shots which match the pace and tempo of the beat but is very effective and different from most music videos which are in his DJ genre.


The brief requires

  • A TV programme sponsorship sequence
  • A radio advertisement
  • A web pop up.

I feel this brief would be the most challenge for me as it so different to what I’m used with just finishing A1 but could allow me to be creative in different ways than doing a music video or short film.

These are adverts that have stood out to me

Film Trailer

The brief requires

  • ›A film magazine front cover, featuring the film
  • ›A poster for the film
  • ›A website homepage for the film

This brief is quite similar to a short film, however with a film trailer I would have to shot a lot more locations which could mean time consuming with location shooting.

Below are film trailers that are feel are very good


Short Film Review 6


This short film is about an everyday employee of this big company finds a black hole, he realises he can go in and out of places using this black hole but greed cuts the better of him and the black hole failures on him as he transfers himself in a safe fall of money.

The film opens with a circle transition and then 60’s stylised writing of “The Black Hole”, this gives it an old school sci-fi feel. The camera zooms into the main character’s face and the audience get a medium shot of the character and can tell he isnt happy with his job through his facial expression and the si he does.

The colours in the are of greys and dark blues which matches the way he is felling about his life. The diegetic vibrations coming from the black hole imply that something is not right with it and this is further reinforced with the powers it has.

The long shot of the employee putting the black hole on the vending machine shows he is stealing not very expensive products however this soon changes when decides to go in his bosses office and steal the money from the safe.

The vibrations noise isn’t just played when the black hole is in shot anymore but also when he is showing this power has changed him. However greed gets the better of him and the black hole betrays him.

The lighting throughout the film presents a lot about the main characters personality and the way he is feeling in life right now, also the depth on the camera look very dynamic and professional.

The employee was also in search of physical things to make him happy with the new power he found. It started with the food but soon changed to the money.

This is a very simple premise and works well without no dialogue but also doesn’t need any dialounge because of the camera angles used it is clear to the audience about the characters intension.

Short film review 5


This is a simple short film where a boy sits next to a girl who is drawing, the boy tires to talk to her but appears she just ignores him. He trys again but she ingores him again and then he gets offended and starts having a go at her. The audience and the boy finds out at the end that the girl was deaf and couldn’t hear the boy and as a way of saying sorry to him she leaves the picture she was drawing.

A medium longshot is used to present the girl drawing on a bench, this match with a peaceful music to give of a calm atmosphere. An over the shoulder shot is used to presnt the drawing and the talent the girl has. A fade editing tool is used to presnted the passing of the time with the boy going for his run thne coming back to the bench.

A meduim shot is used to present the boy giving the girl a compliment about her drawing. As the boy gets furstrated with the girl for not responding to him a close up on the girls face is used to presnt her confusion.

Another fade transision is used to presnt the pasing of time as the girl leaves her drawing her the boys bag was. An over the shoulder shot is used to present of what is says on the drawing, as he reads it an close up on his face is used to present his facical expression of guilt. It then ends with “don’t be too quick to judge”.

This short film is very simple and only uses one location with a few shots but works well and again like all the other shot films i have reviewed has a strong message behind it.

short film review 4


This is a short film about how media materials can influence or change your view of the world. In this case this young person is presented as an old man and is showing how a film can change someone.

The film starts of the main character just finishing watching a film a long shot is used to show people leaving the cinema but he’s remains there as he still can’t take his eyes of the screen even though the film is over. The lighting is low-key but focused on him showing the impact this film has had on him. The man seems to be mesmerised by everything as he leaves the cinema such as the lift and also the cement mixer as he looks into it for a while. The old man gives up his seat on the bus for another old man this comes is a surprise for the audience as he is old and looks in discomfort but still gives up his seat for someone else.

A medium long shot is used to present having them ain character have a meal with two other people, one of the characters asked the old man “how are you” and the old man replies “never better dad” this confuses the audience but also intrigues them as they know this character doesn’t appear to the audience as he does to the characters in the film. This is further backed up with the next scene as he is having lunch with a women in her 20’s and he says “we should take a break” this again confuses the audience as appears to be over double her age.

A long shot is used is used to presents the old man in the car with men in their 20’s listening to stereotypical music young people listen to, a close up is used to present the displeasure the music is giving him and he changes it to jazz which is a stereotypical genre old people listen to. The slow motion editing of the old man in the club puts emphasize that he is out-of-place and doesn’t feel comfortable. This is also reinforced with the low-key lighting. The panning shot is used to present the old man at the church, religion is a stereotypical belief old people believe in. As he is talking about to the priest he looks worried.

The film ends with the main character looking at the an inflated large red-figure, shot reverse shot is used to present the main character looking at it for a while this suggests this is how he feels blowing in all directions not knowing what he wants in life, it then cuts back to the main charahcter and he is now young in the form how the characters saw him not the audience. It says at the end “you’ll never be the same again”, “same films have the power to change you”. This was a short film about the main charahcter watching a film that had changed him.

I like the score a lot it adds emphasize and mathces the stylized imagery well.


Film review analysis 4


The main aspects that stands out for this magazine review is the picture. It shows one of the main protagonists in her role showing this is superhero movie. As it is a whole page review there can’t have more than one picture as there wouldn’t be enough room for the review itself.

The review is split into a three paragraph system but there is a quote in the middle of the review if you want a short summary of what they thought of the film in a sentence. However a verdict is given and a star rating is given so the magazine offers 3 different condensed version of what they overall thought of the film. In my opinion this is too much and only needs one.

An intresting and different aspects this review offers is in the left bottom corner where it has a box where the reviewer felt most thrilled in the film and where the film slowed down in pace and it has the running time of the film where these events happened making the reader know what parts of the film to look foward to.

In the middle of the page of the right there is a box ttiel talking points which could give the reader an insight about the behind the scences of the film and has intresting facts about the movie for example who the creator of the film based the charahcters on and how much money it has bought in so far.

short film review 3

As I am quite interested in making my short film with a social media theme I thought it would be good to review another one to build a better understanding of what makes a good one.

Alt . Life explores thought Provoking themes Highly relevant to themes High relevant to the Now, regarding Social Media & the Temptations to Alter who you are for Validation.

Close ups are used at the beginning of the film on the male character features are  emphasized such as his hair, eyes, and fashion through his shirt and earing. The next scene is of the girl (main protagonist) who is taking to her friend over the phone about going on a date with the male character. From her dounloungw with her friend she is excited and feels lucky. She sees him upload a image of him saying “#datenight”, the close ups of the male character putting his earring in and fixing his hair were only done to take the picture which foreshadows the rest of the film. Inter cuts have been used when the female character is talking about the male character to her friend with cuts of him appearing to get ready for the date.

As the film continues the female character is stood up on her date. A panning shot is used to present the male characters flat where the audience can see old take away boxes on the table which makes the audience question something isn’t right, this is further reinforced as a text is shown by his friend asking where he is. A high angle is used to present the female character in her bed looking at he phone, she appears small which depics how she is feeling being stood up last night but is also confused as the male character posted a picture of himself when he went for a run.

A intense score is played as a medium close up is used to present the male character looking suspicious and in a dressing gown making him appearing very different to his online self, furthermore the lighting is low key to give a sense that the male character has creepy mannerisms. As the female character goes to confront him an flash back montage is shown of the length the male character goes to make himself look as good as possible for his online presences but also realistic as what h uploads is completely different to who he is. An high angle shot is used to present the male character refreshing his like count, as it says zero likes the fascial expressions of him are of panic and as it soon refreshes to 33 his face changes to relief implying the hold social media has on him. It then shows his point of view of why he didn’t go on a date with the female character and a high angle is used to show his weakness and the fact he is lying a false life through digital media. Editing has been used to present his likes and followers go up but he reminds in happy with fake life.

The impact of the male character having no dialogue suggests how social media is  dehumanising him. The final shot of the male character breaking the third wall with the “are you sure you want to do delete this post” suggests he wants to leave this digital world he has create but the audience will never know if he does and goes back to reality but there is a feeling he doesn’t.





Film review analysis 3



This review has a blocky style to separate text from heavy use of images used. The thing the reader notices most about this review is the biggest picture taking the mot amount of room, it shows the main two protagonist of the film but doesn’t give any their goal in the film. The other images used involve one with the main protagonist aiming his gun showing this is going to be an action film and is also backed up with one of the images of the air crafts flying around the landscape showing the scale of the film. Furthermore the final image of the other characters in the film showing that its not all action and could involve some conflict in the film.

The title of the film being review is bold and easily stands out so it is clear for the reader. The text doesn’t take up that much of the page because of the choice of having a lot of pictures, but the text used states the main plot of the film, actors and actresses involved and also the final verdict o the film.

In the right hand corner there is a box given for interesting facts about the film which gives an insight to the readers about figures of how much the film coasted to produce. Furthermore in the top right hand corner it says “film of the month”. Without the reader even looking at the review then know this magazine rates this film as they have placed it film of the month.


short film review 2

This is short film focuses on a very natural beautiful women but thing so take a dark turn in the story.

The woman tells her story of how she got to her beauty and this presented through a voice over and the footage plays over of her torture to look this way. She asks the audience if she was beautiful when she had to change her hair colour, when she had to set her teeth right, when she had to get a laser surgery to stop wearing glasses and when she was forcing herself to throw up to stay a certain weight.

Close ups are used to present the women’s features to show her beaut such as her eyes, lips and hair however these close ups shown change to an aerial of the women being sick after a meal showing to the audience that this film soon gets dark. There is another close up on the women’s eyes as she states she was blind because of the laser eye Sergey which makes the audience feel uncomfortable. This is further reinforced with the blood dripping down the sink.

The voice over is a powerful tool used in this short film as she it talking directly to the audience. The dialogue is match with the dramatic score which are mainly of the sound of violin which are offend associated with a emotional topic which is what this short film is.

There are mainly straight cuts used in the film to match the dialogue when the women was describing another factor on her road to looking beautiful. The Women appears to be the only character involved in the extract therefore she gets all the screen time, it could be argued that this character is self centred  as she so very obsessed with her looks and this is reinforced with her screen time but she isn’t the villain in this extract, the director is trying to present society as the villain for making this women do this to her body.

Lighting is used to present the women highlight with the black background behind her when she is looking in the mirror. This presents her issues in the darkness behind her.

The message behind this short film is that this women feels she must take these actions to look this certain way in order to feel expected with society. This is a very current  issue that late teens to early adults feel and it is presented in a powerful way.

What I will take from reviewing this short film is to have a strong message but to also keep It similar to create a short powerful media product. However I would have to make it longer than this short film.